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Electronic Billing (e-billing) is the transmission of customer billing documents such as invoices, billing statements and other related documents in an electronic format by a business to its customers and other relevant parties.

Electronic Billing is just one of the terms used to refer to this type of solution. Others include electronic invoicing, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) as well as e-invoicing.

In recent years, there has been wide-ranging acceptance by business owners to move towards electronic billing, regardless of business size as the cost of technology has lowered. Many larger businesses are putting systems into place which allow their suppliers to submit electronic billing documents when they do not have an electronic billing system of their own.

It represents one of the fastest growing Internet applications because it streamlines the billing and invoicing process for billing corporations, financial institutions and their customers. We have developed this application to work with client's existing systems to enhance their capability to send invoices and billing-related reminders by email. This can be done using HTML or text so that no attachment is required. End customers can click on the link and pay their bills online or address their concerns quickly.