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CIC provides IT services, technical solutions, management consulting, education and certification to leading organizations and companies from the private to public sector. We offer world-class IT services that address the challenges of the education industry. Guarantees for the successful solutions are the proven partnerships. CIC has expertise in seven competencies: Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Data Management Solutions, Business Solutions, Networking Infrastructure Solutions, Security Solutions, Learning Solutions and Information Worker Solutions.

Customize Application Division

CIC mitigates risks, delivers faster returns and lowers total cost of ownership. Our services and alliances with partners enable educational institutions to implement customized solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Infrastructure Division

CIC has joined with educational institutions and organizations to manage their operations more smoothly and reduce costs. Our services include infrastructure planning, application management, datacenter, help desk, and network and desktop services.

Systems Integration Division

We analyze your technology landscape to develop an integrated, enterprise-wide IT platform. We undertake turnkey projects from concept to implementation in strategic areas, such as IT Security, Identity Management and Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence.

Media & Entertainment

Sweeping global changes, such as corporate consolidation and the growth of digital technology, have challenged existing business models and intensified rivalries across the media and entertainment industry. This intense competition has prompted media companies to scrutinize business strategies across the board by looking for ways to manage advertising sales more effectively, retaining the most profitable customers and finding new ways to exploit digital technology. We help entertainment; broadcast; and publishing, printing and portal companies adapt to the realities of the digital revolution and capitalize on new opportunities that empower them to achieve high performance. We help entertainment companies develop new ways to securely and efficiently create, distribute and monetize content in the evolving digital environment.

We are involved with broadcast leaders who leverage video, digital and broadcast assets and transform their production and broadcast operations into digital file-based content to reduce costs and improve effectiveness. We help publishing, printing and portal companies migrate into the digital world by using new business models, workflows and infrastructures; sourcing strategies to improve the bottom line; enhancing focus on core capabilities; and improving effectiveness.